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Parents Find Trusted Help

SitterFriends is a free app that connects you to trusted child care providers from your local community. Sitters are students from your local college or teachers from your local preschool. Every SitterFriend is thoroughly vetted and has the highest standards when it comes to taking care of children.
Best part you can book multiple SitterFriends with the click of a button, absolutely free. No subscription fees. Download our app from the link above.

Teachers, Coaches, Tutors and ChildCare Providers: Find Quality Jobs

Becoming a SitterFriend gets you access to high quality jobs from within your network. You will be surprised how many of your contacts and people from your school, neighborhood, or local communities are looking for help with their children. Download the app, provide your credentials and once we verify all your information you will be able to instantly find jobs that you can accept or reject from within the app. Your contact information stays secure and all contact is made within the app. Become a SitterFriend today.

Brilliant Features

Here are some reasons, which make SitterFriends unique and compelling

Using Sitterfriends

Finding a Sitterfriend

Research Sitterfriends

You can review Sitterfriend's profiles but also read reviews written by people in your network

Choosing a Sitterfriend is very easy

Select sitterfriends that are connected to you through your friends

Book and Done

Pick the sitterfriend you like. Once a sit is completed, we charge your credit card, no more trips to the ATM machine

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Sit for trusted contacts

Work for existing trusted contacts but also automatically connect to your friends of clients

Getting paid is easy

We request the parents to use a valid credit card. Once the job gets completed, we automatically charge their credit card and deposit money directly to your venmo or bank account

Increase your earnings

When you get ratings on completing a job, your friends of friends can view those ratings which significantly increases your chances of getting jobs from friends of your existing client. This increases your chances of getting a job by more than 3x

Invite Friends


By inviting friends, you increase your chances of finding help. For every friend you invite that uses your promo code, both you and your friend earn a $10 in-app credit.


To increase your chances of finding jobs invite your existing clients to SitterFriends. Your clients will get a credit of $10 on joining SitterFriends.\nBut more importantly you will now be linked with your client's friends.

Intro For Parents

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About Us - Who we are

SitterFriends is a group of Scientists, Teachers, Parents and Cool folk, who care passionately and deeply about Child care and Education. Children are extremely precious and we are on a mission to allow parents to find help that is trustworthy, affordable but also quickly accessible. Monthly subscription fees and long wait times are a thing of the past. Give us a try - download our app, if we are available in your area, we promise you will love our service.

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